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The innocent rose swung the scythe free and cut the nevermore in half.

Rwby rose garden moments. However i would be just as happy if ruby ended up with no one. I heard that apparently, ozpin drinks hot chocolate rather than coffee, but i had a little headcanon in mind that oscar is also okay with coffee. Weiss was hanging with her mouth open, in shock, surprise, disgust and many more.

Jumping on its split back she braced herself for impact. I hope to make this a speedpaint soon along with team ups between characters, and an alternate drawing for these two but more towards a “passed down role” kind of feel. Yang was looking at her as if she created the ship.

This would not let me live until i wrote it; Read rose garden [oscar/ruby] from the story rwby shipping opinions by ninilene (♛ disaster bi ♛) with 235 reads. Instead, crescent rose is the only one remaining in the snow on what appears to be remannt.

*in a bad mood, sitting and sighing*. *sees his jacket unattended on a chair and grabs it, putting it on happily too feel like he is there*. Curiously, i checked it out, and it was the best decision i ever made🤔 4) my favorite member of team rwby is yang :yellow_heart:

Going back to my point—crescent rose—ruby’s weapon is the only weapon that landed on the ground but didn’t fade to darkness like the others. No it's no secret that 2 of the most popular ships in rwby are whiterose and rosegarden there a have been moments between both however there have been more whiterose moments then rosegarden moments no where do i stand between the 2? Ruby felt the grip of the claws loosen up on her weapon, now was her chance.

Honestly i would take any ruby ship over white rose. Rosegarden moments from rwby volume 7 chapter 9: Qrow is taking his boyfriend out on a date to the fair, but he has a plan for tonight.

I see every other character in the main group ending up with someone, apart from maybe ruby. (p.s we need more weiss and oscar moments) oh, how i wish these two would interact more in the show :tired_face: Team rwby have a group hug after the fighting's done, finally having the emotional reunion they sorely needed.

*sits beside him and rests her head on his shoulder* Of course rwby will have lots of hilarious moments. See more ideas about rwby, team rwby, rwby fanart.

Because they're not, they know next to nothing about each other, have no rapport, no familiarity. Some short cute rose garden scenarios cause i feel us r g shippers all need em rn. As above, so below me:

*blushing mess* r a y n b w: *kisses his cheek* good luck! A cup of coffee :coffee:

Neopolitan,3 better known as neo, is a major antagonist as well as an associate of cinder fall and formerly roman torchwick in rwby. They don't act close, show no signs of being closer than friends, and even then just barely. In my opinion ruby can end up with either weiss or oscar she may end up with jaune

Part 3 of fluffy moments; I hope to see some rosgarden shipping moments i think these two who are learning more and more on the paths that have been set up for them would be a good way for them to bond. It's clear that ruby sees oscar as a different person from ozpin, despite their inevitable merge.

It's obvious that oscar has always admired ruby and there is at least a healthy platonic relationship between them in which a romance could possibly forge. 3) i became intrigued with rwby because i watch blind commentaries online, and everyone seemed to be watching it. On the trip, cardin planed on throwing a jar of tree jelly at pyrrha and release the wasps at her.

Many rose garden fans believe that in volume 6, chapter 9 when oscar is first seen with his new outfit, he is looking in ruby's direction. But i do genuinely ship rose garden. Rwby rwby screenshots ruby x oscar oscar x ruby rosegarden rwby rosegarden ruby rose oscar pine rwby7 rwby volume 7 rwby spoilers rwby7 spoilers rwby v7c9 my post

Y e s y e s A large percent of oscar's bonding moments are with ruby. Her weapon of choice is called hush, a parasol with a concealed blade.

*comes out after he finished getting dried off and dressed, seeing this and smiling a bit*. She first appeared in painting the town.. Let's see how it goes this time on fluffy moments!

Those kids will be the death of me. He feels overwhelmed with his responsibilities. If they end up together i would be really happy.

#rwby #ruby rose #rwby rosegarden #rosegarden #rwby rosepine #rosepine #oscar pine #ruby x oscar #jaune arc #lie ren #nora valkyrie #weiss schnee …. *all have a photo of this now* ~~~~~ oscar: 2) i started watching rwby in february of 2016, legit right after volume 3 finished airing :joy:

So rosegarden is one of the most. Oscar feels that he may never be ready for the throne with the pressures pf finding a wife, leading an army, and living up to his great ancestors of the past. But is world is turned around by a girl with silver eyes and a big red scythe.

Jaune tells ruby that cardin got him on a leash on pyrrha hasn't been talking to him. The innocent rose landed on the floor with both legs intact and no injuries. Just because ruby is oscar's only relationship of any note, doesn't make them close.

Keeping that in mind, it’s making me start to ponder an alternative to my v8 finale theory. Here are the mood boards, like all my previous ones these are free to use! Ruby looked around noticing she was in a unusual area of the forest.

Category:rwby/ships | shipping wiki | fandom. List the examples in a chronological order, if possible. They go the a fair;

Even more random cute rose garden scenarios. After ruby gives him advice on being a leader, cardin calls jaune and tells him to get wasps for the field trip tomorrow.

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