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At the head of the persian gulf, in southern mesopotamia (now iraq) where the tigris and euphrates rivers run into the sea; Among those that consider it to have been real, there have been various suggestions for its location:

FOUR EDEN GARDEN RIVERS Ethiopian bible, Garden of eden

A possible place where the garden of eden would be located today is the head of the persian gulf within the boundaries of iraq.

Garden of eden location ethiopia. Through guided by the spirit in writing his books, he had also eye witnesses. Both science and the bible support the fact that the garden of eden was originally located on the eastern coast of africa, and at least part of africa, if not all of africa, was referred to as eden. In this scenario the location of garden of eden is believed to be in the now flooded northern section of the persian gulf.

Part of the problem with trying to locate the garden of eden (or i should say, the original location of the garden of eden, because i don’t believe it could possibly exist today), is that only 2 of the 4 rivers named actually exist today. The writer surely at least meant to give a real location when he said eastward in eden. The garden of eden is considered to be mythological by most scholars.

In the middle ages the garden of eden was believed to be a physical place on earth and the supposed location of paradise was shown on many early maps of the world. The location of the garden of eden was on the east side of a region called eden according to genesis 2:8. That is the tigris and euphrates.

Belayneh kassa the biblical garden of eden is in the land of havilah, son of cush, which is skirted by the river pishon or the blue nile. It was destroyed during the global flood cataclysm. Many have tried to conclude that because of the mention of cush (ethiopia) or the tigris and euphrates rivers, that the garden was located somewhere between ethiopia and the fertile crescent in the middle east.

Although there is no river gihon and appears never to have been such a river, this information does place the garden of eden in ethiopia and therefore belongs in africa.however, the passage also. The garden of eden (from hebrew gan eden) is described by the book of genesis as some scholars locate it in the persian gulf; Some biblical scholars believe the garden of eden was located in sumer where the euphrates and tigris rivers merge.

Zechariah 14 and ezekiel 47 use paradisical imagery. It could have been part of the area where the garden of eden was since the land was different back then and rivers could have flown through different areas including ethiopia. Over the years many have wondered what the garden of eden represents and they have also questioned where is the garden of eden?

The first place to start when trying to locate the garden of eden is in the bible. Genesis 2:14 gives the location of the garden of eden. Uganda is just over 100 miles from ethiopia, very close.

Two sites provide the most tantalizing evidence, and both are legitimate sites. And there he placed the man whom he had formed. If we look even closer at the map, we’ll notice that israel was also part of africa before the earth was divided.

The only thing the bible tells us concerning the garden of eden’s location is found in genesis chapter two. The garden of eden (hebrew: The location of the other 2 rivers is speculation.

The location of the garden of eden. Genesis 2:10 says, “a river watering the garden flowed from eden; However, most modern scholars consider the garden of god to be a mythological place.

The name of the first is pison: Ethiopia in hebrew is cush, h3568, the name of one of ham’s sons. The hottest topic regarding the biblical garden of eden is the location of eden.

If the garden of eden had been near the sources of the tigris and the euphrates, then it might be located in eastern anatolia, specifically the armenian highland in eastern turkey. The turks say those four rivers are the headwaters of the tigris, pison, gihon and euphrates rivers in modern turkey. However, the garden of eden was not located anywhere in the middle east.

Biblical scholars have identified places such as iran, iraq, syria, israel, and turkey. From there it was separated into four headwaters.”. That is it which compasseth the whole…

Contrary to popular belief, then, the garden of eden was not in iraq. The eden garden is in the land of havilah by: The hebrew word for eden appears to mean “delight.” we are not completely sure about its meaning.

Comparisons to eden are also made in genesis 13:10, isaiah 51:3, ezekiel 36:35, and joel 2:3; And from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. Where was the garden of eden.

There are many fascinating clues concerning the garden of eden, assuming there's anything literal to the story, which there probably was. Moses himself visited the region, and even married an ethiopian. Many believe the garden of eden was located somewhere in the middle east regions.

In verse 13, gihon compasses the whole land of ethiopia, giving us a reliable location for this river. Its location changed as more of the earth was explored; Archaeologists once disagreed about the location of the garden of eden, some placing the location in iraq (southern mesopotamia), while others claimed it was located closer to the persian gulf.

Also, one of the four rivers, gihon, is described in genesis 2:13 (kjv) to “ compasseth the whole land of ethiopia ”; It is also true that this area (the fertile crescent) was the location of the ancient tower of babel and the patriarch abraham's home in the city of ur. “and a river went out of eden to water the garden;

Ethiopia is on the continent of africa but they are their own country just like liberia, sudan, south africa, the congo, etc. Ethiopia in hebrew is cush, h3568, the name of one of ham’s sons. And the lord god planted a garden toward the east, in eden;

At one time, in the fifteenth century, the garden of eden was thought by some to be in ethiopia.

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